7 Things Not to Say to Pregnant Women

pregnant women
Pregnant woman

You look ready to pop! Pregnant women can be feeling sensitive about the changes in their bodies, making hearing this more hurtful than supportive. Especially, if they are not anywhere near their due date.

Are you sure you should be eating/drinking that? It is not your place to be the food police. Moms to be are generally well-informed and capable of making these decisions on their own.

Another boy? I bet you wish you were having a girl. All babies are blessings and most parents are focused on the health of their baby, not it’s gender. Even if she were hoping for a girl, it’s not kind to rub it in.

Let me tell you in gruesome detail about my traumatic birth story. This is not helpful. Not one bit. Moms can be apprehensive or even fearful about giving birth or the health of their newborn. Sharing something positive is much more supportive.

When I was pregnant I hardly gained any weight at all OR I lost my baby weight in just a few weeks. It’s not fair to set up expectations for her to compare to, especially when she will be focusing 100% on loving and caring for her new baby.

Get your rest now. You may never have a peaceful night of sleep again. Pregnant women already know babies take a lot of care, but there is no reason to rub it in. She made the decision to have a child even with all that. What she needs is encouragement and reminders of the good to come.

Your due date isn’t very good timing. Even if their due date is during holidays or close to tax day or whatever, there is no reason to add to her stress.

The main thing to keep in mind is that pregnant women have a lot going on and what they need most is encouragement. Be kind. Share your good stories. And, talk about how precious babies are.

If you don’t know what to say, sometimes the greatest gift is to listen. Ask her:

What are you looking forward to most?

Have you had an ultrasound? What does he/she look like.

Do you have a theme for the nursery yet?

Have you started buying cute little outfits? What’s your favorite?

And, be sure to let her know she looks radiant and beautiful. Both of you will walk away from the conversation feeling much better when you do.

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