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We encourage you to come in for your first prenatal visit as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Your baby is already developing and early prenatal care can decrease the risk of complications and help ensure it’s health.  We will also support you by answering questions, providing reassurance, and guiding you through the steps that will protect the health of both you and your little one.

Some of the things we may recommend include:

Prenatal Vitamins – These vitamins are designed specifically for the health of babies and mom’s to be. For example, they include folic acid that can help prevent the development of brain and spinal cord defects. Your body will also be changing and have different needs that will be supported by the specific contents of prenatal vitamins.

Healthy Diet – It is important that you eat well and drink plenty of water during your pregnancy. Your diet should include protein, plenty of fresh vegetables, and foods rich in iron and calcium. We will provide guidance and support you in eating the best you can during this special time.

Immunizations – We may recommend that you and your partner get flu shots to prevent your getting sick during pregnancy. Tdap vaccines are also commonly recommended. They prevent whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria and can continue to protect your baby in her weeks after birth.

Prenatal Appointments as Advised – It is important to stay consistent with your recommended prenatal doctor visits. At each appointment we will ask for a urine sample, check your weight and belly measurements to assess your baby’s growth, and listen to their heartbeat. Most “mom’s to be” say listening to the heartbeat is their favorite thing.   

Being committed to your prenatal care is the best way to ensure that you and your baby stay healthy.

We will help you every step of the way.  

Dr. Krystal H. Pham Miracle Orchids Medical Center (714) 486-1228

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