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Providing quality nutrition for your baby during pregnancy can help ensure it’s health, as well as your own. The following steps will help you make sure that both you and your little one are getting the nutrition you need.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Proper pregnancy nutrition includes eating lean protein, a wide variety of vegetables, and whole grains. Foods rich in iron and calcium like leafy greens, milk, cheese, fish, and lean meats are also beneficial.

Nutrition during pregnancy is also about the foods you will want to avoid. Raw or under-cooked foods like meats, fish, eggs, and sprouts can be risky, as well as unpasteurized milk. Produce should be washed carefully.

Highly processed snacks, sugar, and extra salt are generally unhealthy while other foods like organ meats, caffeine, and high-mercury fish have specific components that may harm your baby.

Stay Hydrated

You will need to drink more water while pregnant. The extra water will help your baby form, create amniotic fluid, carry nutrients, and flush out waste and toxins.

It is generally recommended that you consume 8-12 cups of fluid a day during pregnancy. Milk, juice, sparkling water, and herbal teas all count as fluid or water intake. If you find drinking plain water boring, mix it with fruit or other flavors, just avoid caffeine, alcohol, or sugary drinks.

Take Prenatal Vitamins Daily

We will recommend specific vitamins for you when you come in for your first prenatal visit. They are designed to support your baby’s development and keep you healthy.

For example, they provide additional folic acid which can help prevent brain and spinal cord defects. Prenatal vitamins are based on current science and it is important you are consistent with taking them every day.

When you come in for your prenatal care visits we will give you more information and support you in providing optimal nutrition during pregnancy for you and your baby.

Prenatal appointments should start as soon as you find out you are pregnant. If you don’t already have a doctor you love, give us a call.

We would love to be a part of your pregnancy and delivery journey.

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